Power Up with Jared Boyette at Snap Fitness in Greenville, NC


image show Jared Boyette at Snap Fitness in Greenville, NC standing in front of exercise equipment

Jared Boyette, your personal trainer at Snap Fitness

Jared Boyette’s passion for health and fitness powers his drive to be the best personal trainer in Greenville.

Jared is Fitness Director and Manager at Snap Fitness, working closeley with owner Mark Gerhart. Jared’s client list is growing rapidly. His success as a fitness trainer is the result of first listening to, and then understanding, his client’s fitness goals.

“The number one thing is building a good rapport,” Jared explains of his trainer-trainee relationship. He adds “you have to really listen to the client’s needs. I have close to 40 active clients right now and it seems like ever single one of their goals is different. It’s not what you want, it’s what they want.”

He explains how a professional personal trainer understands that the key to wellness is unlocking the barriers in your mind that impede the path to success.

“It’s all about getting your mind right. That’s what I tell my clients. It’s all about getting your game face on,” Jared says.

Jared uses a process with this clients that helps them achieve their goals. Success is not an overnight achievement, but rather a progression through a series of organized and measurable steps. This process includes warm-ups, flexibility exercises, core work for strength, and resistance training.

“I’ve seen older individuals who never worked out a day in their lives come to me and I tell them that it’s just like with children, you have to crawl before you walk.” Anyone from 12 to 80 years of age goes through a progression of steps to reach their goal. For example, one older client wanted to do squats, which involves flexibility and strength. Achieving that goal was a milestone in that client’s life, Jared recalls.

Jared’s involvement in health and fitness became a career commitment while a sophmore in college. Originally considering a career in law enforcement, he was taking criminal justic classes when he realized this wasn’t for him. “I realized I had no interest in it and changed my major to Exercise Science, Health and Fitness.”

During his studies at East Carolina University, he began working at Snap Fitness under the former management. “I started training, and didn’t think it was going to go very far. I trained one client, one turned into three and before I knew it, I had what seemed like 20 clients.” He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Fitness Specialist from ECU and worked his way up to Fitness Director and Manager, he says.

But he still wanted to learn more about his profession and improve his skills as a trainer. To accomplish that, he traveled to San Diego, CA where he studied in the Todd Durkin Fitness Quest 10 internship program. Durkin is a world-reknowned fitness trainer to athletes and celebrities and considered one of the top 10 trainers in the world. His internship and relationship with Todd convinced him he could become a great trainer. “I realized this is what I want to do. I knew I was good at it, but after leaving there, I knew I was great at it.”

While involved in his internship, he was contacted by Mark Gerhard Snap Fitness’ new owner, who offered him a position at Snap Fitness. After careful thought, Jared decided to leave San Diego, return home and accept the position.
“I gave it a shot to see how far I can take it. Each week, each month I’ve just grown with more and more clients.”

“Mark and I have a lot in common. Mark has the same fitness philosophies I have,” Jared says, adding those philosophies include hard work, personal training, great customer service and maintaining a great facility.
Snap Fitness is located at 2120 E. Firetower Road in Greenville. Rather than having posted hours, members receive their own access key so the facility is available 24X7, 365 days a year. The secure environment stays busy throughout the day, Jared says. Interested individuals can call 252-758-7627 to learn more about membership rates and become Jared’s personal training client.


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