Say goodbye to Windows XP


By Dan Wilson
Computer Peripherals Unlimited

As an IT professional I’m often asked by my clients about the advantages of upgrading their PCs and Workstations to something newer with updated hardware and software.   I proceed to tell them there are many reasons to upgrade four of which I’m going to go over in this article.
1. Performance- New computers are many times faster than systems that were sold five years ago.   That means your programs are going to load faster, the animations on web sites are going to be smoother, and video games are going to blow you away.
2. Security- Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.  That means that they will no longer being fixing any security vulnerabilities or updating the OS.  Windows 7 on the other hand will continue to have support.  Microsoft has also implemented several other security features such as User Account Control that prevents users from doing stuff like accidently installing malicious software.
3. Usability- Microsoft worked hard the user interface to make it easier for users to get around the computer.  The taskbar has been big buttons and you can get a preview of running applications by hovering your mouse over their icons on the task bar.   Other innovations such as Jump List make it faster to get to things you use every day and Shake, Peek, and Snap help you manage all your open windows.   Improved searching makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Microsoft has also bundled support for many peripherals including printers and scanner directly into Windows 7 making easier than ever to get your hardware up and running.
4. Multimedia- Microsoft has implemented many new features to help improve user’s multimedia experience.  Windows Media Center allows you to watch Internet TV and can even gather programming from the Internet to make it easier for you to get your sports highlights, shows, and podcasts.  You can add a TV tuner and use your PC as a DVR.  Windows Media Player 12 makes enjoying your media library more user friendly than ever.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replaced an aging Windows XP computer and a month later had the user tell me how much they love the new computer and want to replace their other older systems.   I’ve also never had a user that made the jump and gave Windows 7 a fair shot come back and say they hate it and want to go back to Windows XP.  So don’t be afraid to make the switch because I can almost guarantee once to you do you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.



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