A mobile website can increase your business revenues


image shows mobile website on smartphone for Dr. Dennis McGee Greenville chiroprator

Mobile site on smartphone

A professionally-designed and easy-to-use mobile website is key to finding new sources of revenue for your business, and for keeping your current customers’ loyalty.

How critical is a mobile website (also called mobile app)? Google’s Webmaster Tools guidelines cites studies that businesses lose 50% of their web traffic when a person finds them on their phone but encounters a website not customized for a smartphone experience. In other words, frustrate your visitor with a poor smartphone and experience and kiss that opportunity goodbye.

Greenville chiropractor Dr. Dennis McGee understands the importance of smartphone techology to his business. His website, www.mcgeedc.com, gets 34% of its traffic from his smartphone site.

“We continue to see an increase in the number of new patients who use the web to find our office. We are also noticing an increase in the use of our mobile website. The mobile web has easily accessible information about our office: location, phone number and the ability to request an appointment. Mobile web accessibility is a must for anyone wanting to grow their business,” Dr. McGee says.

For the novice unfamiliar with all this technical mumbo-jumbo, there are two types of websites: desktop and mobile. Desktops are the computers you use at work and at home. Mobile technology includes tablets, iPads, iPhones, Blackberry’s or anything else you can carry around in your purse or pocket to send emails, text and log onto the internet.

The trending is clear. PC (desktop) sales are dropping and mobile sales are skyrocketing as our world continues to go mobile. Guess where you need to be!

A mobile app is made for a different user experience. The design has to conform the hundreds of different screens the mobile devices offer. Ever open up a “regular” website on a phone and find you can’t read it without zooming in or scrolling around? Not a lot of fun.

A mobile site must allow quick, easy-to-find information about the business and its products. Plus offer any specials or incentives for the visitor. It must also include a “click-to-call” for fast dialing and a good location finder so someone can navigate to your office or retail outlet.

Don’t try to get too fancy with your mobile app. Visitors don’t like pop-ups or animated stuff flying around. The smartphone user is spoiled with instant gratification and expects you to deliver on demand.

If you want to go mobile with your business, call East Carolina Publishing at 252-413-0418 to discuss your smartphone marketing plans for 2014.


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