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Mac Meadows, LLC in Rocky Mount is more than just Eastern North Carolina’s newest source of organic grass-fed meat and poultry products.

Mac Meadows is also Rusty Christian’s commitment to bringing healthy farm-fresh foods to his family and neighboring communities.

A former member of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and owner of the successful commercial electrical services company, Christian’s life took a turn toward healthly living and eating when he and his wife, Tracie learned in early 2013 that their oldest son was diagnosed with cancer.

“The term, cancer, just has a death sentence attached to it and with it comes all the fears a parent has of losing a child” says Rusty.

“There were no answers to why or how all of this happened,” he recalls, adding “there was no one to blame.”

Time was a commodity in short supply at this point and the family used it wisely. After months of treatments and a bone marrow transplant the cancer persisted and the end was in sight several times but their son remained a fighter and shortly after the New Year his cancer was in remission.

Rusty himself got on the health bandwagon, altering his lifestyle, losing weight and eating better.

The biggest part of this new life or new lifestyle centered on what is called Paleo. Simply stated, it was all about eating REAL food not the processed boxes of add water, heat and stir. Together the family began eliminating foods with more than 10 ingredients on the label and increasing the quantity of nutrient rich foods.

Enthused with his success, Rusty decided to start Mac Meadows and offer Scottish Highland beef, among the leanest and most protein-rich beef in the world. Mac Meadows also offers cuts of pork, chicken, duck, turkey and farm fresh eggs for sale.

Rusty reports, “the combination of all of our research, resulted in finding breeding pairs of heritage livestock and poultry. We began raising them the way God intended, in the open pasture with very little help from us.”

Rusty explains his life is now devoted to reconnecting the animals to the land and people to their food.

Mac Meadows products can be found on the web at in late March. Individuals interested in purchasing organic, antibiotic free farm products can also call Rusty at 252-314-3197.


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