Life indeed is what you make it


image shows portrait of Casey Turton, editor, Carolina Men magazine

Casey Turton, Editor, Carolina Men

Do you ever get the feeling that there are a lot of people out there who just don’t know what to do with themselves? I’m talking about the complainers and whiners who can never seem to get their lives started. Being around them can be a real drudgery as they seem to be fixated on their problems, which of course, never seem to get fixed.

My self-proclaimed expert on everything Chester Zickel says some people just never grow up and never want to take responsibility for themselves. Chester says they end up living in their parents’ house until they are 40 or their parents move away without telling them.

Not sure what went wrong with those who just don’t understand life is the result of the choices we make and we need to take responsibility for those choices. Stop blaming parents, schools, churches, and the government; put away the video games and cell phones and get to work.

Meanwhile, we are entering the “bowels of summer,” when the heat and humidity drive us to the beaches or rivers to catch a break. You can tell its Friday around these parts because the local roadways are quieter. School is out, the crazy college drivers aren’t scaring us to death at each intersection (maybe it is time for red light cameras) and life feels a bit slower because most people head to the beach.

When a local TV news crew files a report that a four-way stop is going up in Winterville, you know the news cycle has ground to a halt. Farmers’ Markets are in full swing and soon the festival season will arive and lots of tiny princesses will sit on top of convertibles and wave to the smiling crowds lined along the streets.

Life is indeed what we make it. I’ll make mine fine if you don’t mind, and I hope you do too!

Until next time,

Casey Turton, Editor


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