A life changing event for both Kevin Wilson and St. Anne’s Chapel


image shows Kevin Wilson of St. Anne's Chapel in Tarboro

Kevin Wilson – St. Anne’s Chapel, Tarboro NC

Life changing events happen when we least expect them, and for Kevin Wilson and St. Anne’s Chapel an unexpected surprise did just that, altering the future for both chapel and man.

As a result, Kevin restored the closed, empty Espiscopal Church in Tarboro built in 1920 and boarded up for 40 years. St. Anne’s Chapel now is the site for events like yoga, meditation, music, drum circles, holistic healing classes, transformational workshops, as well as weddings, and special events venue. One such special event is the first ever Profound Profanity Holistic Healing Festival on Sept. 8-10. The festival is based on a series of books written by John Parkins on using profanity in a profound and healing way. The lecture series is being facilitated by Tavane Taylor who owns and operates two New Age stores, one in Greensboro and the other in Virginia.

All this because Kevin and his wife, Trish, decided in 2000 to look for a new place to live and start a business in Tarboro.

The attraction to the building and property for Kevin is easy to explain. “When the property was for sale we saw the existing timber framed trusses on the inside and Kevin recognized immediately his connection to the chapel. Kevin has been building timber framed trusses and structures for both commercial and residential buildings as his livelihood for over 30 years.”

“So the chapel was going to be my office for my business. I was going to move everything out and use the fields out here for our workshop. Then we started doing the repair work. It was in bad shape,” Kevin says.

While outside one day, Kevin wondered what was behind sheets of plywood on one side of the building. He decided to solve the mystery by removing the plywood, poison ivy and wisteria that had grown up around it.

“We found that stain glassed window, which we did not know was there,” Kevin recalls, referring to a beautiful stained glass window with leaded glass portraying an ascending figure of Jesus Christ. “It was such an experience finding it. The energy that came off of it when it was finally uncovered knocked me to the floor.”

Kevin says some may find a bit “woo-woo” in his story, but he insists “I knew from this moment we weren’t going to use this chapel for commercial purposes. Since then the chapel has led us in a new direction.”

He explains that moment in the chapel turned his life around, giving him new purpose and helping him cope with business and personal stress. For the renovated chapel itself, it brought new activity in the form of events, weddings and programs now available to the public.

“We’re totally convinced we were chosen to purchase this place because God,
The Universe, The Divine or whatever you choose to name it was guiding us to restore it and bring it back to life. He adds that the previous owner had turned down other offers, another sign that this was meant to be.”

“The chapel has just led us on an entirely new path of life, telling us it was time to wake up spiritually and to become conscious. Conscious of our health, our environment and our collective future.,” he says.

The popularity of St. Anne’s Chapel and the events now draws visitors from all over Eastern North Carolina, but Kevin would like to see more men attend and join in the events, particularly when dealing with stress management.

“Men are not prone to look for the things that are good for them. They think they can handle stress, and they can’t. Most disease, most ailments come from stress. If guys don’t learn to handle stress, and get rid of the macho factor, they are headed for (health) trouble,” he warns.

For those interested in finding out more about St. Anne’s Chapel for a wedding, business event or to attend any of the programs, call 252-641-0262 or visit www.stanneschapel.com for a schedule of events.


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