Winter hair care tips for men


By Don Baker
East Carolina Hair Clinic

Say no to frequent hair wash

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Winter Hair Care from East Carolina Hair Clinic in Greenville NC

Like many men would you love to run the water from the head every time that you shower! Well, it is not a good act indeed! Washing your hair so often may be fine with the heads of normal and who wisely choose their products but if you are tracking the dry, ithcy scalp and life less hair then the frequent washing is not your chapter from the hair care regimen book. It strips the essential oils from the scalp and exacerbate it. If it is too strict to take a head shower then follow up with right conditioner that can reload the lost moisture in the scalp and hair. Using the shampoos from the grocery store under the low cost is not the exact pinch, taking care matters! We recommend Medicuticals exclusively at East Carolina Hair Clinic.


For long time there is a belief that conditioners are not the part of men hair care, particularly for the heads with short hair but always remember the perks that you are get from conditioning the hair. It makes your hair soft and smooth, if you think it was the only property of the conditioner then you have mistaken. It is most essential for any gender in order to keep the scalp clean, dirt-free and healthy. The more healthy your scalp the more healthier your hair will be. TheraRX from Medicuticals is a great way to promote healther hair.

Take care while choosing hair care products

Certain hair products such as gels and lotions which help to lock your trendy looks for the moment may harm your hair permanently. However, it relies on the products that you use, if you grab the right product it will help to increase the overall health of the hair and scalp. So, get the experts suggestion while you are tapping into store to buy the hair care products. Remember products also changes according to your hair type and needs.

Hair cuts
Some guys have a wrong thought that frequent hair cuts leads to hair fall, but the truth is that hair loss depends up on the genetics but not on the number of hair cuts that you have.
If you’re fond of getting long hair, never leave your hair in its way. Go and have a hair cut, communicate with your stylist and tell him upto which length the hair needed to be get cut. If not, your long hair style and shape will go off. So visit East Carolina Hair Clinic every 4-6 weeks. Call us today for your healthy hair solutions 252 355 7455

Don Baker


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