Home care and the holidays


During the holidays, adult children are visiting their parents and loved ones for the first time in many months. Instead of being greeted by the familiar; they are now being greeted by the ever changing circumstances of the aging process. This can be an overwhelming process for many. SILVERcare is here to help. In-home care is a valuable option for many, while keeping the level of independence to your loved one paramount.

During the holiday season, take a good look at your parents and loved ones. Enjoy them. Love them and pay attention to them. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if your loved one may need some assistance.
* Does their appearance seem different? Are their clothes clean and neat?
* Does their home seem the same? Or is it showing signs of neglect?
* Is their an appropriate amount of food in the cabinets and refrigerator? Is it fresh or out-dated?
* Do you see signs of any cognitive skill issues? Expired mediation, past-due bills, and missed medical appointments are all signs of depression or dementia.
* Have there been any recent illnesses or hospitalizations?
Working together with friends and family provide the best outcome when trying to assist the elderly and those in need. SILVERcare services range from a few hours a day to 24-hour care. Providing assistance versus taking over is a good way to help and evaluate your loved one. If your loved one lives alone, this is a good time to meet their neighbors or friends. Investigating home care services prior to a crisis is very important. This allows all involved to be educated and confident with the services available. Safety, companionship, personal care, light housekeeping, financial home management, transportation assistance and recreational activities are just a few areas in which SILVERcare is able to incorporate changes without removing the level of independence that most elder adults are still craving.

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