Enhance your pond or fountain with beautiful Chinese Koi fish


image shows Chinese Koi fish at East Carolina Koi on Carolina Men magazine website

Chinese Koi from East Carolina Koi

Ever wonder where those beautiful Chinese Koi that you see swimming in ponds and fountains come from?

You’d be surprised to find out they are born and raised right here in Pitt County — at East Carolina Koi in Winterville to be exact.

The uniquely colorful Koi are bred, raised and nutured in a controlled growing environment by East Carolina Koi. The koi are sold exclusively to homeowners looking for a living ornament for their homes.

East Carolina Koi markets to individuals throughout the Eastern United States. Customers make the journey to view the koi and select their treasures.

East Carolina Koi also assists homeowners with initial advice on how to keep their koi healthy. However, due to the large market area, onsite visits to homes is not practical. East Carolina Koi also does not construct ponds or fountains.

If you are looking for a way to add a real conversation piece to your yard or home, give East Carolina Koi a call at 252-714-4943 or visit them at facebook.com/eastcarolinakoi


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