Do you look up to your doctor?


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Commentary from Carolina Men Editor Casey Turton

A few years ago we had a physician write an article for us in which he asked “do you look up to your doctor?”

He went on to say that your doctor needs to reflect a state of health you can admire, i.e., proper weight, diet and reasonably fit. To quote:

“It is becoming apparent that many physicians do not follow their own healthful lifestyle advice, which in turn correlates to poor patient compliance. It is very important to be able to look to your physician as one who leads by example in regards to health. In fact, it turns out that physicians who exercise and eat well are the ones who give the good counseling in the first place2. The opposite side of the coin is also true as physicians who do not reinforce positive lifestyle modifications often succumb to the fate of obesity and its unhealthy consequences.”

Well, some folks now say an obese person often feels more comfortable with an obese physician.

I think both sides are missing the point. It’s like an alcoholic arguing he’ll quit drinking if his doctor is an alcoholic also. Twisted logic if you ask me.

My friend Chester Zickel says forget about this argument. Men should focus on staying healthy by being healthy through healthy habits. Chester thinks men have many tried-and-true excuses for not working at their health.

“It’s in my family’s genes to be fat.”

“My father was fat and so am I.”

“I don’t have time to (fill in the blank).”

“Vegetables taste bad.”

“I can give up my fast food. I love greasy (fill in the blank).”

Some men just need to stop being babies and take responsibility for their health. After all, the friends, family and employers are counting on them.

So, next time you go to an out-of-shape physician, don’t use that as an excuse. Doctors are human as well. Take care of yourself first.

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