Building tomorrow’s citizens through early childhood education


image shows Blake and Chad Walton of Children's World Learning Center in Greenville Nc

Blake (left) and Chad Walton

The building blocks for tomorrow’s citizens are today’s children. That’s why Blake and Chad Walton are committed to the growth of Children’s World Learning Center & Academy.

The key block to that future is quality child care and early childhood education, a concept well-entrenched at Children’s World’s four locations and at its newly-opened K-5 Academy on East Arlington Blvd in Greenville.

Blake and Chad Walton, along with their father Billy, and mother Toni, are responsible for the rapid growth of Children’s World in Greenville. In less than 10 years they have expanded from the original campus on Greenville Boulevard to centers on Moye Boulevard, Johns Hopkins Drive and earlier this summer, the East Arlington location, which features both a Birth-PreK program and Private Academy that will grow to offer kindergarten through 5th grade.

Children’s World Learning Center and Academy has a Kindergarten program that focuses on educating the whole child using an interdisciplinary approach. Students are taught higher order thinking skills by being encouraged to problem-solve and think critically.

Chad reflects that this successful formula did not happen overnight.
” We have learned a lot over the past 10 years and we are still learning the factors that will allow us to continue to improve.”

Blake agrees. “If we give our children a nice, safe, healthy place to learn, they will grow up and become great citizens of the community.”

The Walton brothers (yes, they are twins) grew up with the business and each returned after their college education was completed. They both faced a personal choice to remain with the business or chart another path for their careers. Both stayed with the business.

“It was a commitment to family that was a big part of that (decision to stay). It is a family run business and it is important to us that the families in our centers are happy and show that we are fully committed to their children’s early education, ” Blake adds.

Blake and Chad focus on supervising the directors and teachers at the four campuses, including the operational tasks every manager with business responsibilities faces daily. “We have a personal responsibility to make sure our employees and families are taken care of, ” Chad explains.

Billy Walton stresses the importance of early childhood education in Children’s World’s mission statement. “It’s not daycare. It’s early childhood education. That’s what we and our families are after.”

The Academy on East Arlington launched its Kindergarten class this year, and will expand to offer up through Grade 5 the next few years. While most childhood educators agree that birth-3rd grade is the most crucial time to focus on building a child’s foundation for the future, Billy says “we will offer schooling through the fifth grade to make it an easier transition to a new school.”

The uniqueness of the Learning Centers and Academy includes the careful attention to safety and security of the children, up to and including secured access to the facilities, enhanced transportation and sign in/out procedures and video surveillance. Blake says “safety is a top priority here at Children’s World.”


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