Aron Daniels and Emerson Designs bring the excitement back to boring business ads


image shows Aron Daniels of  Emerson Designs in Greenville NC on Carolina Men magazine's  web site

Aron Daniels’ Emerson Design is Greenville, NC’s answer to great looking business graphics

Well-planned graphics that accurately reflect your business will improve your image and increase sales, says Aron Daniels of Greenville’s Emerson Designs.

Aron, a professional graphics artist, says business owners who are tired of looking at their old logo a friend or relative designed, or an advertisement that just doesn’t work, are among his typical clients. And those are the clients that he gets the most fulfillment working with.

“I really love investing in people. I love making people excited and enjoy what they are doing. So when I do an advertisement for somebody, or a business card or brochure that accurately reflects them— that is a rarity for people. They are often frustrated with how they’re being represented,” Aron says.

image shows examples of Aron Daniels' Emerson Designs work for business clients in Greenville, NC

Examples of Aron Daniels’ work for business clients

Emerson Designs specializes in business logos, print advertisement, brochures, magazines, sales literature, book covers, banners, t-shirts and corporate identity graphics. The Greenville office on Commerce Street will open in the near future, Aron reports.

Graphic design for magazines remains one of his favorite projects. His career includes working with real estate and consumer magazines in western and central North Carolina.

“I think that print is always going to be hard, but I love it,” he says, referring to the ever-changing magazine publishing business. “I think that most people have a certain nostalgia for leaning over and picking up a magazine they can flip through. You don’t need a (browser) plug-in. You don’t need to know anything technical to read the magazine,” he explains.

Aron’s roots in the graphic design business go back to his childhood, when his father introduced him to a software package called Photoshop, a popular image management and photo creative tool used in his industry.

“When I was a little kid by Dad got our first computer in our house. He was somebody who had a lot of programs like Photoshop. So I started playing with it and got hooked. I was 12 or 13 and after that there was nothing I wasn’t willing to do.”

Aron’s graphics skills blossomed in high school and later, at Western Carolina University, from which he earned a Graphic Design degree in art, concentrating on graphic design. He then interned at a local magazine production company that specialized in real estate.

“I was putting houses on paper and leaves on his trees,” he recalls with a smile. However, the small market around rural Asheville didn’t offer much in the way of career growth, so he migrated east and worked for a newspaper in Winston-Salem before landing a full-time job with a real estate magazine.

Owning his own business was always in the back of his mind, so when he and his wife moved to Greenville to be close to family, it was time to start Emerson Designs, he says. His wife, a former teacher, now works for a plant nursery.

“She gets to dig in the dirt all day and I get to do art all day,” Aron quips. They have a young son.

Interested in bringing back some excitement to your business image? Contact Emerson Designs at 252-588-2331 or online at


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