Apple comes to Eastern North Carolina


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Apple Comes to Eastern Carolina

There’s a new place in town to get all of your Apple products. Appogee is an Apple Specialist, catering to small, medium, and large businesses. They offer pretty much everything Apple makes, from desktops, laptops, iPods, software, accessories, and more. In addition to the basics, Appogee is your source for business related needs such as help desk software, training, storage, and custom software.

Apple has experienced breakthrough success over the past couple years, both with individual and corporate users. This can be attributed to Apple’s move to Intel processors in 2006, which meant that for the first time, Microsoft Windows could natively run on Apple hardware. This opened the doors for the millions of people who have wanted to switch to a Mac, but couldn’t because of that one piece of Windows software that they still needed to access. Major industry sources such as PC Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes, and Business Week have reported on the explosive growth and popularity of Macs among laptop and desktop users. In addition, the amazing engineering of products such as the iPhone and iPod have sparked a curiosity in the total Apple experience. This “halo effect” has created new Apple fans amongst parents and executives alike.

Drop an e-mail or give Appogee a call today to discuss Apple technology and its fit in your home, small business, or IT department. Its founders have well over 20 years of experience in the Apple space, and work nationwide with large advertising agencies, newspapers, and entertainment companies like Disney and Sony Music. While Appogee has a strong national presence with large enterprise Apple accounts, they make Eastern Carolina their home.

If you’re tired of dealing the headaches of Microsoft Windows, and such things as viruses, conficker worms, lockups, crashes, Vista incompatibility, and security issues, a Mac will be a breath of fresh air. There’s a reason why Apple’s iPhone has dominated the smartphone market, iPod is the leader amongst music players, and Apple’s laptop and desktop sales have skyrocketed. Contact Appogee today to learn more.


Phone: (877) APPOGEE (277-6433)
Fax: (252) 757-0822
Greenville, NC


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