Meet Pastor Darron Carmon of Rebuild Christian Center Church


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Rebuild Christian Community Church
Winterville, NC

IMG_0231Wow this young man is impressive and inspiring to say the least. I’ve never met anyone that was so persuaded that God could not fail and will not fail his people. Just being in his presence alone is uplifting and encouraging. He boast several secular degrees in addition to a BA in Theology and MA in Divinity in which he really does not talk about. He says he rather talk about the moments his life was messed up and how God cleaned him up and brought him to the awesome place he is in now. Meet Pastor Darron Carmon, Sr. Pastor of Rebuild Christian Center Inc.

This then boy with purpose was born in a ghetto in Washington D. C. given up by his mother and simultaneously adopted. With his new parents he was in a better place and there taught the ways of God. He met his biological mother for the first time a few years ago, but still does not know who his biological father is. Pastor Carmon maintains that it is ok. Everything is what it needs to be. A lot of people think adoption is a bad thing but he states it was divinely necessary. Often times what seems to be people rejecting you is really people having to let you go because they can not accommodate where you are going. So you think you’ve been pushed out of a marriage, pushed off of a job, pushed out of a church, pushed away from family, pushed out of a business? Not! Some things God will pull you out of to get you in purpose and save your life all at the same time. The people who crucified Jesus had no bragging rights, one because he rose from the dead, two after all was said and done who was Jesus sitting beside? Here we clearly see that mans rejection equals Gods acceptance.

After straying from his teachings he transported cocaine, cooked cocaine to make crack cocaine, sold crack, was robbed 3 times, kidnapped once, had a twenty thousand dollar kill order put over his life, and eventually started using the very drug he was selling. All between the ages of 17-19.

At the age of 19 and 3 months he was wrongly accused of a crime, plead not guilt, trial lasted less than 15 minutes, and was then sentenced to 40 years in prison. Unable to comprehend what was going on, suicide became his next move. However, he survived! His appeal was denied and the only other option was to go back to the same God he had denied. He was full of anger at first. However, he quickly realized It was not about what they did it was all about what God was doing. Once again he had been pulled into purpose. Jonah should have died by being thrown into the sea, but it was purpose that kept him alive. He is convinced the only reason he is still alive is because God still has purpose for his life. Typically people do not throw away things they still have a need for nor does God. The fish that swallowed Jonah and preserved him could of easily become Jonah’s coffin had he not said yes. So this young man started being used of God mightily behind prison bars. When he was around, people begin to be saved, restored, healed from sickness and disease, freed from demonic oppression and possession and taught the ways of God.

Now he is the Senior Pastor and founder of the amazing Rebuild Christian Center Church located in Winterville, NC. He is also the founder of Sikono Mentoring which has a breathtaking 100% success rate. He has skillfully coached x-offenders into never being the offender and gang members into denouncing their allegiance and surrendering only to the blood of Jesus. He is exceptionally gifted and generously anointed. God has used this young man to plant and establish a ministry that offers not just church but a much needed experience with God. He was awarded a leadership excellence award from the NC District Senate in addition to the NC Governor. Mayor Jackson also declared every 4th Saturday in April to be Pastor Darron Carmon’s Day.

Pastor Carmon attributes his success to the amazing grace of God, the consistent love of his parents Bishop and Co-Pastor Carmon, and an outstanding staff and church.


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